Coach Survey


Who embodies the SOAR Spirit?  Who is your MVP?

This year for SOAR Fest we are honoring players and coaches who most embody what SOAR is all about - changing lives through sports. Specifically,  "We seek for lives to be changed as coaches invest in players and their families, sharing sports skills, life lessons, and the truth of God's word. It is our goal to see our community experience positive change by bringing people of all beliefs and backgrounds together under the banner of sports to create a culture of unity, inclusion, service and respect."

We are asking each coach to choose one athlete on their team who has shown positive change

- a change in their attitude towards the game, coaches, players, or life

- a demonstrated receptivity to the 3D devotions and life lessons

- supports unity in the team, includes others, is servant-hearted and/or respectful

At the conclusion of your team's final game on Saturday May 12th, please direct your team and their parents to the stage set up on field 1 for a brief award ceremony.  

Pick one of your players!

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The SOAR MVP Award goes to...
The student that most embodies what SOAR is all about