SOAR Columbia
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Our Mission

"Changing lives in our community through sports"

Our Vision

"We seek for lives to be changed as coaches invest in players and their families, sharing sports skills, life lessons, and the truth of God's word. It is our goal to see our community experience positive change by bringing people of all beliefs and backgrounds together under the banner of sports to create a culture of unity, inclusion, service and respect."

What sets SOAR Columbia apart is that we care about more than just sports.  Yes, we aim to have the highest quality coaches and the finest athletic training in Columbia, but we believe we will have failed if we train good athletes who fail in life.

Our board and coaches are unashamedly Christian.  While we will not force our faith on anyone, it does shape what we do and the way we do things.  In addition to learning sports skills, we aim to model and teach grit, resilience, perseverance, self-control, humility, respect and cooperation with our athletes.  Sometimes these lessons will come from experiences on the field and sometimes through personal illustrations or portions of the Bible.

While we believe that ultimate life is only found in Jesus Christ, we also join hands with others in our community to work towards a more just, respectful, cooperative and honorable society.  As we invest in children now, we shape the future of the greater Columbia area and the world.  As we invest in our coaches we shape men and women who raise up another generation of coaches.  As we invest in adults, we believe we are investing in the current generation of life-changers committed to making their places of work and their homes better places to work and live.

While there are other rec leagues committed to changing athletics, SOAR Columbia is the only rec league committed to changing lives.  

Do you have questions?  Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Excited about our mission and vision?  Volunteer to coach or consider sponsoring a student or a team.